Staging and Design, A Paper Street

Jeffrey Garbs, Director of Staging and Design for A Paper Street, is a self-proclaimed “junker” and lover of all things vintage. He’s been well-known to scour flea markets, estate sales, and run-down thrift shops to find those diamonds in the rough.

Upon moving his entire life from Texas in 2013, Jeff co-founded Shopclass, a vintage decor hotspot in Highland Park, which has since closed. He has a keen eye for quality furniture and a quirky personal style, so picking the perfect pieces has always come naturally.

Jeff believes that the most important thing about designing a home is making it warm and inviting, not pretentious. With this idea in mind, he skillfully furnishes each project with detail and elegance.

He and his dog, Tuna Jeaneen, live in El Sereno, Los Angeles.